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¿why Turkey ?

  • Bridging EU & Asia and one of the word most dynamic economies. 
    Turkey is the main actor in the East Mediterranean, Middle East and Central Asia arena, with key economical, political and corporate relations.
  • As a destination on itself it is an growing emerging market, with young population, stable democracy, and cultural, financial, industrial and touristic pole in the globe.
  • Legal moden system, with high legal certainty promoting a favourable FDI climate.
  • First receiver of Multilateral Funds coming from EU, WB, EBRD, etc.
  • Turkey is a key market from Spain, 10th commercial partner and 3rd non EU.
  • Valencia Region has an EXP+IMP volume of 1.092M€ in 2011, with a share of 14% of exports and 16% of imports from Spain to Turkey, being the 2nd region in importance.
  • Industrial platforms quite complementary and highly diversified, industrial sectors with an asymmetrical degree of development.
  • Geographical, cultural and political proximity. No borders for EU merchandises, European Customs Space.

¿why from and towards  valencia region & spain?

Turkey key facts 



15th world economy by size, 6th among European contries, with stable and sustained growth during the last 10 years and bright perspectives for medium-long term.

Diversified economy, with great industrial tradition and a remarcable degree of openning.

Consumerism society under consolidation. Exponential grwth perspectives on goods and services demand.



75M inhabitants, out of which 60% under 35 years old, with an average age of 28. 70% of urban population.



Big network under constant improvement and development, supported by a huge amount of funds coming from IFI’s and Multilateral Entities and Development funds, with an increasing and stable perspective.

Increasing demands and needs for investment in development and operation of big Pan-European transport network, increasing environmental and energy infraestructure deficit given the improvement on living standards and UE acquis adoption.

key sectors

  • Environmental and Transport Infrastructure:  Great Investment needs expected for the construction of tras-European Transport Networks for energy and merchandise. The Impementation of the EU acquis on Environmental Issues and Policies by national legislation will demand the renewal and improvement of the existing  infrastructure for waste treatment, water treatment facilities, environment protection laws and practices and urban planning.
  • Manufacturing and consumer goods:  Consumer standards under education and improvement, demand and taste under transformation.
  • Industrial Sector:  Automobile production and parts supply, consumer electronics, electrical machinery and tools, naval construction, and leisure boats, building materials, home appliances and equipment, plastics, chemical products, packagin materials, etc.
  • Energy:  Growing local demand perspectives in the next decades will require big investments in distribution and transport networks.  Energy Generation Capacity and renewable sources development will observe a huge growth in investment and development projects.

  • Agroindustry and agrofood technologies:  Agricultural machinery and technology, food processing machinery, ingredients and processing technologies and equipment, food production for export markets demand, fishing and aquiculture, etc.
  • Services:  Financial services, engineering and consultancy, transport and logistics, commercial distribution, toursim, leisure, cultural asset management, etc.


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